Anju Christina Coaching


‘Coach Anju has made me feel relevant and seen, giving me the support I needed to maintain a sense of balance while in transition. She created a safe place for me to explore and reflect, asking challenging questions and providing tools along the way. I feel a fresh boldness to confidently pursue my goals. She is compassionate and down to earth, knowledgable, patient, highly personable and I felt she genuinely cared about me and my ambitions. Her notes, feedback and follow-through provided me with the support and accountability that helped me to become increasingly clear about who I am, what I want, and how to get there. ‘

Inessa L. Figueiredo Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur

‘Coaching helped me overcome both my personal and professional struggles.

It’s been a highly productive experience for me.’

Matron NHS, London

‘This has benefited me immensely,’

‘she has been patient and very understanding and really helped me overcome.’

Team Leader, London

There was deep understanding.

Church Leader, London

Key in improving my confidence,

I feel I can effectively communicate and bring forth my ideas for innovation.

Matron NHS, London

‘Thank you Anju, for being a supportive coach,’

‘it has been transformational.’

Senior Administrator NHS, London